Five original baby gifts this Christmas

Sure you’re looking for gifts this Christmas .

If your intention is to do some original gift to any of the babies of the family or friends and you are looking for gifts made under ethical and sustainable considerations -because surely you are of those who care where and how have obtained the clothes you buy- , we leave here four recommendations.

Two of them had as much success last year : The rompasuits “All I want for Christmas is you” and “The Wise Men “.

all3 rey2

To learn more about this products you can read our last post (in a perfect Spanish) or you can go directly to the online store 😉

Another proposal comes as a pack: sleepsuit and hat 100 % organic cotton: the line “Giving is the best gift .” You must to take into account that the screen printing is done by hand with water-based inks that are environmentally friendly .


Finally, this year, we have created a sleepsuit line of superhero for Christmas , for those crazy little ones so much joy (and occasional displeasure ) give us 😉

Here we show the line created for superheroes: Christwoman -for her- Christman -for him.

To complete the costume, with each sleepsuit we  will give you the mask that will give our little heroes their precious anonymity.



So , here’s what we suggest this year. 

We hope you like , and if you have any proposal or suggestion , you can leave your comments here and I will reply ASAP.

Be happy 😉

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